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ASI-202600 Dual Polarized Horizontal/Vertical Antenna

Dual Polarized Antenna.  Low side lobes.  High gain.  Interference reduction.

Frequency Band   1710 MHz  to  2170 MHz 
Polarization      Vertical/Horizontal
VSWR / Impedance  1:5:1 /  50 Ohms
Gain                                                                     21 dBi 
3dB Beamwidth Azimuth/Elevation     17°
3dB Beamwidth Elevation     11°
Nominal Electrical Tilt Angle 0°  Azimuth and 0° Elevation
Side lobe level 19 dB down from main lobe
Front to Back Ratio                                            20 dB
Cross Polarization between Horizontal and Vertical Ports (H-H and V-V are co-polarized) 30 dB
Isolation between co-located arrays 30 dB
Input Power                                                        50 Watts
Passive Intermodulation   (2x20W)                IM3: < -150 dBc
Size / Weight      24" width x 38 height  x 5" depth / 25 lbs.
Connector / Location  2 x 7/16 DIN edge mounted
Mounting Options   ASI-202080
Application Environment   Outdoor IP-54
Radome Gray UV resistant ABS
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Pattern for ASI-202600

Pattern for ASI-202600 antenna

Dual Polarized Horizontal/Vertical Antenna